Tree and Shrub Care for Summer

It’s June, and along with June comes rising temperatures. Your trees and shrubs may already be struggling, and you aren’t aware of it…yet. Between the harsh winter, one of the coldest on record for Pennsylvania, and the hot dry conditions we had in May, your plantings may already be showing signs of distress. It’s not too late to revive them with the proper Tree and Shrub Care and keep them healthy throughout the year. Here are 3 ways to keep them healthy and vibrant this summer.

Keep them Watered
Young trees and shrubs need moisture to survive, especially if they were planted in the spring. You should water your trees and shrubs at least a few times a week, until we have sufficient rain.

Mulch them
Keep the soil around the tree or shrub mulched with an organic mulch. This will help keep the soil moist, plus prevent weeds from growing. Be generous with your mulch ring size. Spread it outside the drip line of the plant. The feeder roots will be more likely to penetrate the native soil if there is no competition from other plants and the soil stays moist. Add a 2- to 3-inch-thick layer of mulch around each tree and don’t pile it up next to the trunk or the tree may suffer from crown rot.

Feed them
Ideally, growing trees should be fertilized throughout the year. The greatest amounts of nitrogen (N) based fertilizer should be applied during the early spring and summer months. Several light applications a year are preferred as the tree gets older.

Knowing when and how much fertilizer to add to your trees and shrubs is what we do. Our lawn, tree and shrub professionals at Showcase Lawn Works know how and when to apply it. Applying too much fertilizer can be extremely detrimental to their health.

Contact us at 717-354-3226 or click here, if you would like to learn more about our 6 Step Tree & Shrub Care program.

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