Landscape Maintenance

Seasonal Cleanups

Includes clean up of property from debris, including the weeding of mulch beds and the clean up of debris in turf areas.

Mulch Applications

This service includes the edging of all landscape bed areas with a 3-4″ deep edge, application of weed pre-emergent herbicide and the application of your preference of mulch at a uniform depth.

Tree/Shrub Pruning

Whether you like your plantings hand pruned or sheared. Showcase can give you a custom trimming plan for all the plants on your property.

Annual Flowers

Whether in a pot or in a landscape bed. Showcase can design and install a beautiful assortment of annual flowers on your property for any season.


Showcase will control weeds in your landscape, among other areas, by manually pulling and/or control by herbicides. Why spend your time weeding? Enjoy your landscape without all of the work.

Lawn Mowing

We have many mowing programs that will fit your preferences and budget. All mowing programs include string trimming of all areas, and the blowing off of all paved surfaces.