Showcase Fertilizing 6 Visit Program

In the Southern PA area no two lawns are alike. Where you live, whether you have sun or shade, and many other factors make a big difference in what your lawn needs. Showcase Lawn Works 6 visit program insures your lawn is lush, green and healthy year-long.

Early Spring Fertilizing (February – April)

In our area most types of grass wake up hungry by the last week of February. This is when you have to feed your lawn to strengthen roots and prepare you grass for a good start before the heavy growing season. If you had crabgrass, dandelions, clover, daisy weed, broadleaf weeds, buttercup, ragwort and many more last year, Showcase will apply a combination product that contains a pre-emergent to control these types of weeds.

Summer Fertilizing (June – August)

The hot Pennsylvania summer is very tough on grass, especially if your lawn does not have a sprinkler system. Heat, drought, foot traffic, and insects stress it out. We have total control programs that includes Mosquito, Perimeter Pest and Termite that protects and strengthens it against these problems. Lawns in warm-season grass areas should be fed over the summer months as they grow steadily from spring to fall. If you see any type of insects in your grass please call us immediately for inspection.

Fall Fertilizing (September – November)

Pennsylvania is beautiful in fall but now come the leaves. Of course fall brings back ideal growing conditions for your lawn, cool nights, warm days, ample rainfall and morning dew are just about as good as it gets for grass. This is when your lawn is ready to grow again, and is looking for the nutrients it needs to recover from summer damage. Showcase has the proper fertilizers to take your lawn right into the winter months. These nutrients will strengthen roots and increase nitrogen storage for an early spring green up and a healthier lawn next year. And remember to call us to remove your leaves, because leaves left on your grass will destroy the root system and cause fungus in the spring.