Lawn Aeration

As the summer season begins to wind down, your lawn may be showing signs of excessive thatching from all the mowing over the summer, as well as, compacting of the soil from the dry spells and excessive traffic on your lawn.  At Showcase Lawn Works, we are beginning to schedule our Fall Aeration service for lawns throughout Lancaster, Chester and Berks County.   Fall core lawn aeration breaks up compacted soil, prunes turf roots, and removes thatch.  This improves the penetration of oxygen, water and nutrients into the root zone of your lawn.  It also brings beneficial bacteria to the surface to help break down the thatch layer.


Once your lawn is aerated there will be hundreds small soil plugs left on the lawn. It’s important to note these plugs should be left on the lawn and will break down naturally over the next few weeks (14-21 days). After the lawn has been aerated, overseeding may be needed. The grass seed used by our lawn professionals at Showcase are the disease and insect resistant varieties, which will improve the integrity of your lawn and also increase turf density and vigor.


We start our Aeration service in September/October, but for those that sign up during the month of August, we are offering 10% off the normal price for Aeration and Lawn Renovation Services.  To get the most benefit from aerating your lawn, you need a professional lawn treatment company like Showcase Lawn Works who understands the science of your lawn.  In fact, it’s not too early to start planning for next year.  We offer a year-round lawn care program.  To learn more, contact us today at 717-354-3226 or fill in the short contact form on our website  Let us partner with you, so we can make your property a showcase in your neighborhood.

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