Fall Pruning and Clean Up

pruning trees in the fall

Fall is a beautiful time of the year.  The bright days, crisp nights and the ever changing colors remind us that another summer has passed and the cold weather of winter is not too far behind.  Fall pruning and the final clean-up of lawns and flower beds are some of the last major outside projects homeowners face before winter sets in.

Knowing when and how to properly care for your trees and shrubs is crucial for healthy, vibrant shrubs and trees next summer.  It is tempting to start pruning once autumn starts, but this should not be done until you are certain it is safe for the tree or shrub.  Pruning too soon can stimulate growth and delay dormancy.  This opens trees and shrubs to damage or even death from early cold weather.  The same is true for cutting back perennials and removing annuals.  Timing is important.

Unfortunately, for most DIY homeowners with the days getting shorter, the weekends are the only times most have for these annual lawn and garden tasks.  Factor in weekend family plans, rainy weekends and family visits and finding the right time to do the pruning becomes a major challenge for many homeowners.

Why not let the professional lawn care people at Showcase Lawn Works do it for you?  We know when things should be pruned and cutback and can schedule accordingly.  We will make sure your lawns and gardens are properly prepared for their dormant season with our complete Fall Pruning and Clean-Up Service.

This service helps plants withstand extreme weather, promotes good growth for next year and with our thorough property clean-up, we will leave your property neat and ready for winter and prepared for the spring to follow.

Our Fall Pruning and Clean-Up Service includes:

  • Landscape bed clean-up/mulching
  • Leaf blowing and raking
  • Pruning where needed
  • Cutting back Perennials and removing Annuals
  • Edging and trimming

For a healthy and luscious lawn and landscape, year after year, Fall Clean-ups are an essential component for your lawn and garden.  Give us a call today at 717-354-3226 or fill out the short contact form on the side of this page.  Let us partner with you, so we can make your property a showcase in your neighborhood.

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