• Beautiful day to save these trees! June 20, 2017 by Matt K

    Spider mites attack plants. They live on the undersides of leaves of plants. They may spin protective silk webs, and they damage plants by puncturing the plant cells. For your plants in Westchester and surrounding areas, Showcase can fertilize all trees, shrubs & groundcovers. We will inspect and treat every 4 to 6 weeks. We offer liquid injection for larger trees and granular fertilizer for smaller plants.

  • Reviews tell the story… June 9, 2017 by Matt K

    “Thank you Matt for your help and professional manner. Our deck and walkway look great! We appreciate the timeliness of the completion… A very special thank you to the four gentleman who completed the job !!! Showcase really came though for us.” Westchester Pa

    “I’ve been using Showcase for about 3 years after having previously used other services. Showcase service has always been prompt; pricing per application is competitive and customer service has been very good… No fuss or extra charge, just good service. I have been happy with the results I have had with the lawn treatments I have received and have recommended Showcase to others…”

  • Go Organic! May 18, 2017 by Matt K

    Organic green lawn program for Chester County, Berks County and Lancaster County. The chemical free route. Seven applications. Organic fertilizing, with natural fertilizer (meets EPA “Exceptional Quality Standards.”)
    Our nitrogen rich fertilizing provides Non Burning Fertilizer, Slow Release Organic Nitrogen, and is Environmentally Friendly

  • Install a patio for summer weather! July 26, 2016 by Matt K

    You may not want to spend much time outside in this heat, but now is the time to plan a new patio in time for fall. Fresh air, family meals outdoors, it’s living outdoors.

    Showcase Lawnworks does more then just lawns! We offer design and installation of patios and outdoor living environments. Think about us for tree and shrub design and planting, and landscape lighting. We are experts at water drainage management.

  • Planning Your Landscape for 2016 February 1, 2016 by Matt K

    Flower Bed and Curved EdgeEvery homeowner knows that landscaping is an integral part of a home’s appearance and overall value.

    • Curb appeal is a prime selling feature in today’s real estate market.
    • Your home’s landscape is the first sight others see.
    • Proper landscaping can dress up the appearance and add value to your home.

    As with any home project, landscaping must be updated on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it is not a once and done type of project. During these cold, dreary days of winter, you should start planning your landscaping projects now.

    The first step in landscape project planning is forming a custom landscape design. Even in the most carefully planned neighborhoods, no two yards are the same. Sometimes this is due to the structure of the soil or the slope of the ground. At other times, the uniqueness of the landscape is due to the homeowner’s personal preference. Regardless of the reason, a custom landscape design is necessary for every home.

    Showcase Landscape Services specializes in finding the perfect design for every yard, regardless of its size or style.

    Why Hire a Landscaping Specialist?

    Some homeowners feel that Landscape Design is a DIY project, for the do-it-yourselfer. Armed with their own hand drawn plans, or watching a YouTube “how to” video, they build and plant things that may look nice in a book or on screen, only to find that the plants chosen aren’t right for your property or area. Or, the retaining wall or paved walk they built is not exactly right. Why take this chance? It can be a costly mistake.

    When you hire a company like Showcase, we know what grows in this area. We take a number of factors into consideration, including the chemical makeup of the soil, the amount of sunlight over every inch of the yard, the hours of shading and so on. Our landscape designers are also current on the latest trends and understand which ones will work best for your home.

    The time to start planning your landscape project is now. Waiting until spring for your home’s landscape project is far too late. You need time to research ideas before settling on what you are looking for.

    Why not call and speak with one of our professionals at Showcase? Now is a perfect time to plan, and get on our schedule for the Spring, so you can enjoy that new landscape this summer.


  • Fall Pruning and Clean Up October 6, 2015 by Matt K

    pruning trees in the fall

    Fall is a beautiful time of the year.  The bright days, crisp nights and the ever changing colors remind us that another summer has passed and the cold weather of winter is not too far behind.  Fall pruning and the final clean-up of lawns and flower beds are some of the last major outside projects homeowners face before winter sets in.

    Knowing when and how to properly care for your trees and shrubs is crucial for healthy, vibrant shrubs and trees next summer.  It is tempting to start pruning once autumn starts, but this should not be done until you are certain it is safe for the tree or shrub.  Pruning too soon can stimulate growth and delay dormancy.  This opens trees and shrubs to damage or even death from early cold weather.  The same is true for cutting back perennials and removing annuals.  Timing is important.

    Unfortunately, for most DIY homeowners with the days getting shorter, the weekends are the only times most have for these annual lawn and garden tasks.  Factor in weekend family plans, rainy weekends and family visits and finding the right time to do the pruning becomes a major challenge for many homeowners.

    Why not let the professional lawn care people at Showcase Lawn Works do it for you?  We know when things should be pruned and cutback and can schedule accordingly.  We will make sure your lawns and gardens are properly prepared for their dormant season with our complete Fall Pruning and Clean-Up Service.

    This service helps plants withstand extreme weather, promotes good growth for next year and with our thorough property clean-up, we will leave your property neat and ready for winter and prepared for the spring to follow.

    Our Fall Pruning and Clean-Up Service includes:

    • Landscape bed clean-up/mulching
    • Leaf blowing and raking
    • Pruning where needed
    • Cutting back Perennials and removing Annuals
    • Edging and trimming

    For a healthy and luscious lawn and landscape, year after year, Fall Clean-ups are an essential component for your lawn and garden.  Give us a call today at 717-354-3226 or fill out the short contact form on the side of this page.  Let us partner with you, so we can make your property a showcase in your neighborhood.

  • Lawn Aeration August 9, 2015 by Matt K

    As the summer season begins to wind down, your lawn may be showing signs of excessive thatching from all the mowing over the summer, as well as, compacting of the soil from the dry spells and excessive traffic on your lawn.  At Showcase Lawn Works, we are beginning to schedule our Fall Aeration service for lawns throughout Lancaster, Chester and Berks County.   Fall core lawn aeration breaks up compacted soil, prunes turf roots, and removes thatch.  This improves the penetration of oxygen, water and nutrients into the root zone of your lawn.  It also brings beneficial bacteria to the surface to help break down the thatch layer.


    Once your lawn is aerated there will be hundreds small soil plugs left on the lawn. It’s important to note these plugs should be left on the lawn and will break down naturally over the next few weeks (14-21 days). After the lawn has been aerated, overseeding may be needed. The grass seed used by our lawn professionals at Showcase are the disease and insect resistant varieties, which will improve the integrity of your lawn and also increase turf density and vigor.


    We start our Aeration service in September/October, but for those that sign up during the month of August, we are offering 10% off the normal price for Aeration and Lawn Renovation Services.  To get the most benefit from aerating your lawn, you need a professional lawn treatment company like Showcase Lawn Works who understands the science of your lawn.  In fact, it’s not too early to start planning for next year.  We offer a year-round lawn care program.  To learn more, contact us today at 717-354-3226 or fill in the short contact form on our website  Let us partner with you, so we can make your property a showcase in your neighborhood.

  • Crabgrass Prevention Part 2 July 16, 2015 by Matt K

    Back in March, we published a blog about the steps you should take to prevent crabgrass from overtaking your lawn, but you may be like a lot of people. You knew you needed to sign-up for the program then, but you got busy, and getting it done got pushed to the back burner to the point you had forgotten about it. Since you didn’t get enrolled in our 6 step lawn care program then, which would have given you two applications of our pre-emergent crabgrass control, the crabgrass is now invading your lawn with a vengeance. Once the crabgrass seeds have already sprouted and crabgrass has appeared in your grass, the pre-emergent treatments will do no good. Even though we are already past the time for the pre-emergent treatments for this growing season, you still have an option. Our post-emergent crabgrass control treatment will help, even after the crabgrass has already germinated.

    The post-emergent application works by killing the crabgrass plants. Many homeowners try applying the post-emergent treatment themselves using products from the big box and hardware stores. By doing this treatment yourself, you may be doing more harm than good to your lawns. The instructions for the do-it-yourselfer applying the product are very specific, and varying from these steps could brown or even kill your lawn.

    Why not trust our lawn care professionals at Showcase Lawn Works to do the job? They will make sure it is done right and be environmentally safe for you, your children, your pets and your lawns. Our lawn care experts don’t just randomly apply the treatments. They know that the type of grass you have will determine the amount of herbicide to use. Our post-emergent program uses a two-step approach. The first application is effective for killing the crabgrass that is visible in your lawn, but sometimes the crabgrass has taken such a hold in the lawn, that it will re-appear. This is why our post-emergent program is done with two treatments.

    Once the crabgrass dies, we recommend letting us provide over seeding for your lawn as soon as possible, so fresh new grass can grow where the crabgrass had been.

    If you feel that most of your lawn is mostly already crabgrass, please give us a call. We will gladly come out to evaluate your lawn and give you our recommendations for properly treating your lawn. It’s possible your lawn may need to be totally renovated, and we would recommend that we start that process in the fall.

  • Tree and Shrub Care for Summer June 1, 2015 by Matt K

    It’s June, and along with June comes rising temperatures. Your trees and shrubs may already be struggling, and you aren’t aware of it…yet. Between the harsh winter, one of the coldest on record for Pennsylvania, and the hot dry conditions we had in May, your plantings may already be showing signs of distress. It’s not too late to revive them with the proper Tree and Shrub Care and keep them healthy throughout the year. Here are 3 ways to keep them healthy and vibrant this summer.

    Keep them Watered
    Young trees and shrubs need moisture to survive, especially if they were planted in the spring. You should water your trees and shrubs at least a few times a week, until we have sufficient rain.

    Mulch them
    Keep the soil around the tree or shrub mulched with an organic mulch. This will help keep the soil moist, plus prevent weeds from growing. Be generous with your mulch ring size. Spread it outside the drip line of the plant. The feeder roots will be more likely to penetrate the native soil if there is no competition from other plants and the soil stays moist. Add a 2- to 3-inch-thick layer of mulch around each tree and don’t pile it up next to the trunk or the tree may suffer from crown rot.

    Feed them
    Ideally, growing trees should be fertilized throughout the year. The greatest amounts of nitrogen (N) based fertilizer should be applied during the early spring and summer months. Several light applications a year are preferred as the tree gets older.

    Knowing when and how much fertilizer to add to your trees and shrubs is what we do. Our lawn, tree and shrub professionals at Showcase Lawn Works know how and when to apply it. Applying too much fertilizer can be extremely detrimental to their health.

    Contact us at 717-354-3226 or click here, if you would like to learn more about our 6 Step Tree & Shrub Care program.

  • Stop the Bugs! Perimeter Pest Control is your Answer May 12, 2015 by Matt K

    Every day, pests are trying to invade the homes for those of us who live in Lancaster, Berks, and Chester County and beyond. Especially now that the warm weather is here, ants, spiders, bees, mosquitoes and a host of other pests are finding ways to get inside our home.

    These “uninvited guests”, rather pests, are a nuisance to homeowners, and even some of these pests are often associated with spreading diseases.

    With Showcase Lawn Works, Perimeter Pest Control program, we can provide an exterior program to prevent insects and other pests from making their way into your home. One of the primary benefits of our program is that we can provide outside protection from these pests without having to enter your home.

    Have you already been having your yearly battle with ants, spiders, silverfish, stink bugs and more? Showcase’s 4 step program can control these pests from making it inside your home.

    When our professional technicians come to your home, they will analyze your property and your home’s foundation detecting areas of entry. We combine the best pest control methods in the industry to protect the area around your home. We will spray those suspected entry points, as well as around and on your home’s foundation creating an effective shield for your home. Our application dries within 30 minutes and is safe to humans and pets.

    If you would like to have this service for your home, give us a call at 717-354-3226 or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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