• TLC for Your Chester County Lawn in the Fall August 31, 2017 by Matt K

    After the year your lawn has had, it likely needs some serious TLC. To keep your landscape in tip-top shape, Showcase Lawn Works recommends aeration, fertilizing and seeding services every fall to repair the damage it endures during the summer. Our aeration, fertilizing and seeding services will improve moisture and nutrient flow, remove thatch buildup, reduce soil compaction, enhance seed germination, rejuvenate your Chester County lawn. Also we have leaf removal services.

    Fall Lawn Care

  • Accident damage! August 25, 2017 by Matt K

    We don’t just beautify and maintain lawns and landscaping. Sometimes we are even called in for damage control…
    In this case, a car accident resulted in significant plant damage. Showcase provided an estimate for damages, and upon approval we made it beautiful again. We provide this service for homeowners, homeowners insurance and insurance companies in general. If it involves a lawn or landscaping in Berks County, Chester County, or Lancaster County; we can help.

  • Start Planning Your Fall Planting August 15, 2017 by Matt K

    We finished this commercial planting in Lancaster County. Fall is approaching fast, and it’s a great time to plant. Schedule an appointment with us today!

  • Special on Core Aeration! August 7, 2017 by Matt K

    We are offering a 10% off special for our Core Aeration services until August 18th.  Prices are as low as $99.00!

    Core Aeration is the mechanical removal of small cores of soil from the lawn using an aeration machine. It is one of the most important things you can do to create a healthy, thick and robust lawn. Let us aerate your lawn in Berks County or your local area.


  • Controlling Yellow Nutsedge in Your Lawn August 4, 2017 by Matt K

    Do you notice Yellow Nutsedge popping up in your lawn? It is a rapidly spreading warm season perennial weed and presents a problem in both warm and cool-season turf species. Application in July and August, while it is actively growing, is the best method of control because pulling will still leave the root in the ground and they will spring back up. Contact us today and we will put a stop to this weed’s infestation of your healthy, green lawn in Chester County, PA.

  • Insect Protection Programs this Summer July 28, 2017 by Matt K

    The insects are buzzing around this summer around Lancaster, PA. We have Flea, Mosquito, and Tick protection programs to protect your family from getting bitten! Our program offers 4 applications to your lawn and landscape to keep you and your loved ones safe while barbecuing or spending time in your backyard.

  • Unwanted Crabgrass in Lancaster, Pennsylvania July 21, 2017 by Matt K

    During the summer, crabgrass can pop up pretty quickly and ruin the appearance of your lawn. Call us today and we will maintain the beauty of your lawn with proper techniques in aeration, seeding, and healthy watering/cutting – say goodbye to that unwanted crabgrass growth! We serve Lancaster, Pennsylvania and other areas.

  • Japanese beetles invade Southeast Pennsylvania June 30, 2017 by Matt K

    The Japanese beetles are upon us, and out in force. They are just in time for the Fourth of July holiday…..only problem is they want to party on our plants! Contact Showcase LawnWorks at (717)354-3226 so we can help ruin their party for you. It’s time to rally and save our plants! Chester County, Berks County, and Lancaster County PA residents, it’s time to take back our plants from the invaders!
    And by the way, we hope you all have a good holiday.

    Japanese Beetle on leaf

  • Beautiful day to save these trees! June 20, 2017 by Matt K

    Spider mites attack plants. They live on the undersides of leaves of plants. They may spin protective silk webs, and they damage plants by puncturing the plant cells. For your plants in Westchester and surrounding areas, Showcase can fertilize all trees, shrubs & groundcovers. We will inspect and treat every 4 to 6 weeks. We offer liquid injection for larger trees and granular fertilizer for smaller plants.

  • Reviews tell the story… June 9, 2017 by Matt K

    “Thank you Matt for your help and professional manner. Our deck and walkway look great! We appreciate the timeliness of the completion… A very special thank you to the four gentleman who completed the job !!! Showcase really came though for us.” Westchester Pa

    “I’ve been using Showcase for about 3 years after having previously used other services. Showcase service has always been prompt; pricing per application is competitive and customer service has been very good… No fuss or extra charge, just good service. I have been happy with the results I have had with the lawn treatments I have received and have recommended Showcase to others…”

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